Rosebud CBD Test Results

We send every batch of CBD straight from our farm, to a lab to be tested by a neutral 3rd party for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and the potency of our product. No bottle is sold that doesn't pass our rigorous standards.

To find the test results for your specific tincture, locate the 6 digit number printed on the bottom of your bottle. The full lot number should have 5 numerical digits followed by a capital letter, for example: 00153B.

All Test Results

    Original Strength CBD

    Batch 1A
    Batch 2A
    Batch 3A
    Batch 5A
    Batch 6A
    Batch 8A




    Double Strength CBD

    Batch 1B
    Batch 2B
    Batch 3B
    Batch 4B
    Batch 5B
    Batch 8B




    Extra Strength CBD

    Batch 1C
    Batch 2C
    Batch 3C
    Batch 4C
    Batch 5C
    Batch 6C
    Batch 7C






    2021 CBG Pre-Roll Test Result
    2024 CBG Pre-Roll Rest Result