CBD Sleep Kit


It’s something most of us could use a little more of, but between busy lives, external stressors, and internal struggles both physical and mental, catching enough hours of restful sleep can feel difficult – nearly impossible for some. That’s why we created the Rosebud CBD Sleep Kit.

In our Sleep Kit you’ll find everything you need to catch some zzz’s. 1 bottle of Extra Strength CBD Oil offered in either our 0.5 or 1 ounce bottle size, 1 Silky sleep mask for some restful shuteye, 1 jar of Barbari’s Airplane Mode, and 1 Sleep Kit booklet to help you get the best night’s sleep packaged in our limited edition cotton carry all bag.

A $180 to $280 value!

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Rosebud’s Extra Strength

Rosebud’s Extra Strength tincture is our most concentrated option containing approximately 66 MG of CBD per 1 mL (full dropper) of liquid and comes in either a 0.5 ounce bottle or 1 ounce bottle.

Great for regular CBD users who want their bottles to last longer or anyone looking to target more intense issues.

Rosebud’s Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures are made from organically sun grown hemp flower sourced from one small farm in Oregon. Formulated with only two ingredients, certified organic MCT (coconut) oil and full spectrum hemp extract, making it multi-use and safe to consume by mouth or use topically on your skin. Both bottle sizes contain the same concentration of CBD to MCT oil. Each bottle is equipped with a measured dropper for precise dosing. Our tinctures never contain fillers, flavorings, additives, or preservatives and are placed through rigorous triple third-party lab testing for cannabinoid and terpene content, bacteria and mold, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

We care about what our customers are putting in their bodies. In partnership with our farm, we have set a standard of rigorous third-party, randomized lab testing. To ensure peace of mind and trust in our brand, all of our test results are public to our customers.


BARBARI Airplane Mode

Barbari’s Herbal blend, Airplane Mode, is an herbal spliff blend – burn it as an incense, make a hot tea, or add it to your favorite hemp or cannabis flower for an enjoyable smoke! Made with food-grade herbs carefully sourced from quality farms for safe smoking, steeping, and burning. Like components of a perfume or a bedtime tea, the properties in the herbs blend together for a full-bodied experience, creating a composition that can be restorative to internal systems, calm or awaken the mind. The Blends are also designed to deliver a milder, more manageable high when rolled with capital-H Herb to make an herbal spliff.