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Double Strength

350mg CBD
15ml / 0.5 ounce bottle

Quality + Potency Guarantee

Every drop of Rosebud CBD oil is hand grown, processed, and bottled with thoughtful and sustainable practices.  Rosebud offers full spectrum sun grown in Oregon CBD oil without herbicides, pesticides, solvents or ingredients such as fillers, additives, preservatives or flavorings. Third party lab tested for quality and potency guarantee.

Did you know there are only four states where you can be absolutely sure that the CBD content claimed on the label is the CBD content in the bottle?  One of those four states is Oregon where Rosebud CBD is grown and processed.  Oregon requires CBD products available in licensed retail cannabis stores to pass state-mandated lab tests to assure their purity and potency.

Rosebud CBD Oil ingredients include a CO2 derived hemp extract mixed with fractionated coconut oil, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and contains less than .3% THC.


Suggested use for adults is one to two servings (half or full dropper) once or twice daily.  Half a dropper is approximately 12.5mg CBD and a full dropper approximately 25mg of CBD.

How to Use

Rosebud CBD oil is versatile and can be used both orally or topically with both humans and pets.

  • Shake well before using
  • Twist the childproof cap off
  • Fill the dropper to desired amount
  • Administer oil
    • Drop directly under your tongue, hold for 15-30 seconds and then swallow
    • Add to your favorite beverage or snack
    • Add drops directly to skin or favorite lotion

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