This is the best thing ever!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried many medications. On my 5th day after starting this I felt better than I have in years!!! THANK YOU!!

-Carol Minarick

I purchased my first bottle of Rosebud CBD oil and received it last week. I purchased it for generalized anxiety. I didn't really notice a difference for the first few days, UNTIL I decided not to take it on Sunday, thinking it's the weekend, I don't need to manage my stress on a Sunday. Holy smokes was I wrong. I didn't realize the daily anxiousness (heart pounding, digestive issues, general feeling of being on-edge) I have been dealing with until now.

I also appreciate that I didn't notice the affects of the CBD oil, which makes me feel like I'm still myself, only now able to manage my daily life more effectively.

Thank you for introducing it to me and for taking steps to fight the stigma associated with natural products like CBD oil.

I am definitely converted!


I've really been wanting to reach out and thank you for bringing this product into my life. Without social media I would have never seen a post from you about Rosebud CBD oil and would have never been able to take a chance on it. I can honestly say it was the chance that I needed to take. Since starting Rosebud CBD oil I feel so much better mentally and physically. I've gotten myself back and it's a great feeling! My anxiety has decreased significantly and I feel so much calmer! Typically when baseball season starts and I know my husband is about to leave I'm full of nervous/anxious energy, but year it's different. I'm sad, but I feel way less stressed about it. I can step back and look at it in a different way, this is our adventure for the year. My mind isn't racing through emotions. Physically I've noticed quite a difference in my fitness. I love doing crossfit but I was starting to become burnt out on it and not enjoying it like I had previously. I wasn't moving up on my weights and just felt sluggish. Since I added in Rosebud CBD oil my energy is back and I'm excelling again. I've been feeling like my old self, moving up in weights and moving quickly through my WOD. All in all I cannot thank you enough for putting yourself out there with a product that you believe in because in turn it's given me the opportunity to try something that I never would have before. Rosebud CBD oil has changed my life for the better!


I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Rosebud CBD oil is amazing.  It's definitely a different feeling than smoking but I love it.  I had been vomiting every morning for the last 4-5 months and I couldn't get any relief unless I smoked.  I have used this as soon as I wake up and the nausea goes away.  Thank you so much for making this product available I definitely will be purchasing it again.  Nothing like a peace of mind.


I hesitated to try Rosebud's CBD oil because I had tried a different brand and not found much relief. The more I learned about CBD and the more I learned about Rosebud's sourcing the more interested I became in trying again. I take a full dropper during the week, under my tongue on my way out the door. It helps with daily anxieties of working in an open office. My days are more pleasant, more productive. I definitely recommend Rosebud for anyone curious about trying out CBD oil.


Rosebud CBD oil is incredible. There was a sale on another brand's CBD recently and I am a broke college student so I thought I would try it. It doesn't work at all and was a complete waste of my money. I am thankful and grateful for the CBD that you sell and how pure it is, and how well it works. I am looking forward to buying another bottle soon.

Rosebud is amazing! I feel like I can finally relax again. I was willing to try whatever to get a hold of my anxiety and the Rosebud CBD oil seriously gives me such an overall sense of calm and better well being, not to mention a RESTFUL sleep! Thank you so much!


When my husband (who has never drank or smoked, etc) suggested CBD oil to help with anxiety, inflammation and blood sugar regulation, I knew something was up.  We tried a few different brands, but my interest was piqued after seeing Rosebud's post on my explorer feed about Rosebud CBD oil.  I love that it is made in the US and all natural--the real deal!  We use Rosebud CBD oil morning and night; just taking some on its own and I will say the effects have been outstanding.  We have more energy, less anxiety, feel overall healthier and literally giddy! We both work physical jobs and this has helped immensely with joint pain and inflammation.  Cannot say enough about Rosebud CBD oil; never thought I would be the person to be praising cannabis, but yes yes yes!


I used Rosebud oil this AM and felt allllll of my stress melt away.  I was relaxed and in control of my mind.  Usually, my mind is in control of me.  I can't wait to continue using it day in and day out for improved mental health results.

Not sure why, but I also wake up with nausea at least every other day and Rosebud CBD oil I purchased really helped.  I'll definitely be purchasing again!


I recently had some bathroom issues that ended in a torn and tender butt.  I rubbed some oil in the area and it really helped bring the inflammation down.  I enjoy Rosebud CBD oil because it relieves my anxiety, calms me down, helps me sleep, and helps me focus,  But I was ULTRA excited that it helped my bathroom issues.  It also made my period cramps 10x less painful.


I just realized I was running out of Rosebud CBD oil! It has helped me so much with my anxiety and nerves. I had a panic attack the other day at work —really intense, heart POUNDING through my chest—I thought my heart was going to explode! So I rubbed ylang ylang on my heart and swallowed some Rosebud CBD oil— and I was calm and relaxed within minutes!


I originally purchased Rosebud CBD oil for my husband for his anxiety but I wanted to see how I liked it as well. I noticed a difference within the first few days! I felt so much happier in general, and I noticed that I wasn’t as irritable. I’m still nursing so my hormones are pretty crazy and I was finding that my fuse would get a little short during certain points of my cycle but the Rosebud CBD took the edge off. In addition to improving my overall mood, the physical impact is huge too! I’ve been dealing with chronic headaches and neck pain every morning for the last 2 years or so and since beginning taking the oil every morning I’ve actually woken up pain free more often than not. Thank you so much! I’ve been referring so many people to you because I have seen so much value in your product.