Rosebud Rewards


Whether you’re a Rosebud fan, CBD enthusiast or a total newbie, it’s definitely time to get with the program. Rosebud Rewards is your way to get a little love back from us for being such a loyal customer. 



        • Earn 1 point for every U.S. dollar you spend at
        • 500 points equals $5 off a future purchase
        • Referral magic! Give a friend $5 off, get 500 points credited to your account.*
        • We’re really into birthdays. Get a little something-something on your special day.


Step 1: Sign up for a customer account on
Step 2: In the bottom right corner of your screen, click on the pink Rosebud Rewards button to access points, rewards, and referral link.
Step 3: Start earning points by making a purchase under your account or referring your favorite Rosebud CBD oil to friends and family. Be sure to enter your birthday information under Rewards and Birthday.
Step 3: Feel the Rosebud Rewards magic when you get your first discount!
It's that easy. Promise.


Disclaimer: By creating an account on, you automatically accept our Terms of Use for Rosebud Rewards. Please read terms carefully here.

*Points will be awarded once the recipient of the $5.00 off has successfully checked out. No returns or exchanges permitted.