About Us

Rosebud launched from a need for a transparent, organic, US grown and processed supplement that would help level my mood, reduce inflammation and pain, and most importantly, help me feel like the woman I knew I was.

Since I was in middle school stress and anxiety would crumbled me in it's finger tips. I would find myself locked in the dorm laundry room having a full blown panic attack. I tried it all - psychologist every 2 weeks, journaling, exercising and eating what I thought was a balanced diet. The only way to keep it in control was to control - and control everything was what I did until I developed systematic OCD. The thought of not completing my routine every day made my anxiety worse. Do you see the ugly cycle? It never ended. 

After being diagnosed with bi-polar depression and systematic OCD, my Dr suggested I see a psychiatrist and get an evaluation. This evaluation opened my eyes to the world of PILLS and it did not feel right.

I made some more lifestyle changes; a whole slew of shit, but the last piece that I needed was CBD oil. It gave me the relief I needed during my work day to feel relaxed, balanced, and like myself. As I started to research and understand the industry, I learned how dirty it is.

Rosebud grew from a personal need, but I have quickly come to find out how much it is needed by all of us. At Rosebud, we promise to always be transparent, to source from the same US organic farm, and to always third party lab test every single batch of hemp.