Rosebud CBD x
Brightland Olive Oil

About the Partnership

Cleaning up a dirty industry.

It’s the mission behind both Rosebud CBD and Brightland - two female-founded companies challenging the status quo in our respective trades.

For Rosebud, that means sending our organically-grown CBD oil through three rounds of rigorous third-party testing to insure the oil’s purity and potency. For Brightland that means hand-sourcing their olives from a single-estate California farm, to make up the sole ingredient of their oil.

Together, we’ve asked three talented recipe developers, who also value quality, to develop three unique recipes involving both Rosebud’s CBD oil and Brightland’s olive oil. Our hope is that you’ll feel inspired to spend some time preparing something nourishing and delicious for yourself, and that you’ll also remember that when it comes to what you put into your body, you deserve nothing but the best.

We want to see your recipes! Tag @rosebudcbd and @wearebrightland when you try out any or all of the recipes, and we just might give you a shoutout.