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The great thing about CBD is… well, pretty much everything. Realizing you’ve run out of Rosebud CBD just when you need it most? Major bummer. With our new subscription option, we can ensure that your Rosebud CBD goes out like clockwork every 15, 30, 45, or 60 days. As an added bonus, subscribers save 10% on every order.

How do I sign up?

Select the potency of your choice, and at checkout, click subscribe, and choose how frequently you want your Rosebud CBD delivered.


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How do I manage my subscription? What if I want to cancel?

Log in to your account on On your profile, select “manage subscription” under the account details. If you have not created an account with the website, please email to set up your account. More than likely you have an account with the subscription, but not the website which will not allow you to edit your subscription.

Here, you can get insight to your current subscriptions, change your order frequency, change your potency, or cancel at any time.

If at any time you’re confused or experiencing issues, our exceptional customer service team is here to help. Reach out to:

See the Rosebud CBD subscription service in action here

More information on our subscription service can be found in our FAQs page.

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