Full Spectrum vs Isolate

In other words, full plant vs part plant medicine.  Let’s break this down – Do you want spaghetti sauce made from just tomatoes, or do you want tomatoes, mushrooms, spices, onions, and all the jazz that makes one heck of a spaghetti sauce?  The same goes for full spectrum CBD oil vs CBD Isolate.

Rosebud is a full spectrum food grade CO2 extract.  Our full spectrum oil is multi-use making our oil edible, a food ingredient, and topical or sensual. It is comprised of CBD hemp extract and MCT (fractionated coconut oil).

Full Spectrum oils include all of the cannabinoids found in hemp.  CBD isolate is separated from other cannabis compounds in the plant. In a 2015 study, researchers proved full spectrum CBD to be more capable in offering greater levels of relief vs CBD isolate.  Rosebud CBD oil offers full plant based medicine vs isolate which offers only part.

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