Dosing with Rosebud CBD Oil

What’s my dose?

When it comes to CBD, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to dosing. It often takes a little while to find your sweet spot, and even then, you may want to periodically adjust your dose to reflect your ever-changing schedule, mood, and environment.

Rosebud CBD products are derived from single-source hemp flowers grown under the Oregon sun. Our 15 ml bottles come in three high-quality potencies, containing either 350, 700, or 1,000 mg of CBD per bottle. We offer three potency options to give our customers the freedom to customize their wellness routine, and to provide a truly better quality of life for all.

Regardless of potency, Rosebud CBD contains nothing but all natural cannabinoids with a high concentration of CBD, and MCT oil, for a faster, more efficient delivery throughout the body. Every batch of Rosebud CBD oil is lab tested to ensure purity, quality, and accuracy in dosing. It’s pesticide, herbicide, and solvent-free, with no additives, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives. Be sure to consult your physician or health care professional before introducing a new supplement into your wellness routine.

So, how does CBD get processed throughout body?

Humans are naturally equipped with what scientists call the endocannabinoid system. This system contains receptors that process and respond to cannabinoids, like CBD, that are found in cannabis and hemp. Like humans, nearly every animal has an endocannabinoid system that responds to CBD’s wellness-inducing properties. Recently, pet owners have turned to CBD oil as an asset in the management of their pet’s pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Since Rosebud CBD has got you covered on quality and transparency, it’s now time to find the perfect dose for your body and ailments.

Types of dose:

CBD generally follows three dose ranges. Smaller doses can stimulate the body, while larger doses can help sedate the body.

Recently, the concept of microdosing, or ingesting extremely low doses of medicinal substances, have taken the world by storm. When it comes to CBD, a microdose falls between the range of .5 mg and 20 mg. This type of dosing has shown to be particularly effective in assisting with sleep, headaches, mood disorders, nausea, PTSD, stress, and metabolic disorders. Rather than taking one large dose at a time, we recommend ingesting multiple microdoses throughout the day.

A standard dose generally falls between the range of 10 to 100 mg of CBD each day. A standard dose of CBD is said to assist in the management of pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, lyme disease, anxiety, depression, arthritis, some mental disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, autism and weight loss.

Macrodoses are very large, high-range doses that we only suggest under very specific circumstances. Consumers living with cancer, epilepsy, seizure disorders, liver disease, and other severe, life-threatening conditions, should ask their doctor about macrodosing with CBD, which can range anywhere between 50 and 800 mg per day.

For more information on dosing, we recommend reading Leonard Leinow’s CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis, which is available on Amazon.

CBD is non-psychoactive, and although going above your dose range may not give you the optimal effects you were seeking, there are no reported incidents of CBD overdose throughout history.

For animals, we suggest administering 1 drop of the 350 mg Rosebud CBD potency per every 5 lbs of their body weight. Each drop = 1 mg of CBD.

Speak with your veterinarian if you’re interested in implementing CBD into your pet’s daily wellness regimen.


Rosebud CBD oil can be used orally and topically with humans and pets.

  • Shake well before using
  • Twist the childproof cap off
  • Fill the dropper to desired amount
  • Administer oil
  • Drop directly under your tongue, hold for 15-30 seconds and then swallow
  • Add to your favorite beverage or snack
  • Add drops directly to skin or favorite lotion


350mg Rosebud CBD Oil

Suggested use for adults with Rosebud 350mg CBD is 1-2 servings once or twice a day. Suggested use for dogs is our 350mg CBD at 1 drop per 5 pounds. 

Serving size is 1/2-1 full dropper.

Dosing break down

1/4 dropper is about 6mg CBD

1/2 dropper is about 12mg CBD

3/4 dropper is about 19mg CBD

1 full dropper is about 25mg of CBD 

700mg Rosebud CBD Oil

Suggested use for adults with Rosebud 700mg CBD is 1-2 servings once or twice a day.

Serving size is 1/4-1/2 full dropper. 

Dosing break down

1/4 dropper is about 12mg CBD

1/2 dropper is about 25mg CBD

3/4 dropper is about 37mg CBD

1 full dropper is about 50mg CBD

1000mg Rosebud CBD

Suggested use for adults with Rosebud 1000mg CBD is 1-2 servings once or twice a day.

Serving size is 1/4 dropper or under. 

Dosing break down

1/4 dropper is about 17mg CBD

1/2 dropper is about 35mg CBD

3/4 dropper is about 52mg CBD

1 full dropper is about 70mg CBD

Monitoring your progress

While searching for your perfect dose, we suggest taking notes. The Goldleaf Patient Journal makes monitoring your symptoms, pain, and daily dose of cannabinoids easy. Over time, you’re able to look back and see what doses made you feel best, and can customize your daily routine based on your body’s response.

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