Using Your Rosebud CBD as Massage Oil

If you’re not giving yourself (or your lover) a rub-down with CBD oil, you’re not doing it right…

But seriously; although our list of go-to relaxation techniques is long- staycations, warm baths, makeout sessions, Lizzo beats, a glass of red wine or a CBD mocktail– we think there are a few routines that stand out among the rest. 

We’re talking about massages- CBD oil massages, to be specific. 

In fact, massages are good for the body and the mind, and incorporating this sweet ritual into your daily routine can be super easy! Whether you’re a weightlifter, parent, or daily commuter, chances are you could really benefit from a few minutes of soothing touch- from either yourself or a loving partner.  

CBD can be used everywhere (from your elbows to your face) and for every ailment under the sun but today we’re sharing one of our favorite applications: CBD as massage oil. 

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about how to use CBD for massages and what the experts recommend when giving yourself, or someone you love, a good kneading. 

Why You Should Use CBD Oil for Massages

We’re going to bet that you spend multiple hours a day hunched over a screen- we’re not judging, it’s the same for us… 

As a quick refresher, CBD interacts with one of your body’s key functional systems, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This amazing, complex system is responsible for keeping your body working properly. So when you use and consume CBD, you are helping your ECS work it’s magic.

How to Give Yourself a Proper At-Home CBD Massage

You don’t need your own live-in massage therapist to work-out your sore muscles, and you don’t need any expensive devices; these moves below are easy and fun enough for anyone to do, from the comfort of your own couch. Below, we’ve compiled a few massage techniques that you can do on yourself, or a loved one with nothing but your bottle of CBD oil and a few quiet moments of zen. 

Your Neck: Did you know that a lot of neck pain actually stems from clenching your jaw? It’s very common. This causes the muscles behind your ears to become overworked, which causes pain from your neck down to your collarbone. To give yourself a CBD neck massage, drop some oil into your hand and find the bone that sits right behind your ears. Apply a little bit of pressure to that bone. Then, slowly follow the muscle down your neck to your collarbone with even pressure down to your collarbone. Do one side of your neck first, then the other.

Your Upper Shoulders: If you are experiencing shoulder pain, this one’s for you. Using your CBD oil, take your left hand and put it on your right shoulder (or vice versa). Feel for your upper trapezius muscle- gently grab it with your hand and slowly knead the muscles, moving towards your collar bone. Repeat this on the other side.

Your Lower Back: Put your hands on your waist, thumbs forward, and use your fingers to rub the CBD oil into the muscles on the side of your spine in wide, circular motions.

Your Belly/abdomen: If you’re experiencing menstrual cramps, gently rub some CBD oil onto your abdomen in circular motions, and place a heating pad on top to reduce the cramping. More on that here!

Your Calves: Did you spend an extra hour at the gym? Run a little too hard? Sign up for that power yoga class? If your legs are feeling a little extra post-workout soreness, drop some CBD oil onto your leg and use your fingers to dig into the muscles. Shift your hands down a few inches toward your ankle, then repeat on the other leg.

Tips for At-Home Massages

Stay Hydrated Before & After Your Massage

One of the most essential things you can do before and after a massage is to stay hydrated. Not only will this help lubricate your joints, proper hydration will speed up recovery and help calm any inflammation. 

Set the Mood

If you’re about to give yourself, or someone you love, a massage, make sure to set the mood! The absolute worst-case scenario would be bright fluorescent lights, your neighbor’s cigarette smoke wafting in, and the sounds of construction floating through the room. Obviously, this wouldn’t exactly be conducive to a calm and relaxed state of mind. 

Dim- or completely shut off- the lights, light a candle that has a more natural scent (save the gingerbread cookie candle for another time) and get some soft music going- maybe even your partner’s favorite chill album. And most importantly, make sure the room is warm, comfortable enough to have the least amount of clothing and still be super relaxed.

Have Fun

Even if you’ve never given/gotten a massage before in your life, it’s important to stay confident and relaxed! Have fun exploring different types of touch. Touch your whole body – your stomach, breasts or chest, legs, feet, scalp, and neck. You can even use your CBD oil for pleasure for a slightly *different* experience. Just make sure to slow down, and pay attention to what feels good for you and what your body is asking for. 

If you’re massaging a partner, make sure to listen to what they’re saying and respond with appropriate touch. If they are into a certain motion, lather on the CBD oil and keep on keeping on! Ask them what they like and don’t like and play around with different motions until you find what works best for you both.  

Chill Out

That’s it. Simple as that! Following a CBD massage, resist the urge to jump in the shower. In fact, we advised against it! Let all that goodness sink into your skin, you’ll be able to benefit from this calming compound for hours to come.

Have you ever tried using CBD as a massage oil? How did it go? Share your experience with us in the comments below!