Treat Yourself to a Better Orgasm; Using CBD as Lube

Valentine’s Day is a time for kindness, care, and for some, intimacy.

Self-love is a pillar that has certainly carried over into 2020, and she clearly isn’t leaving anytime soon, so let us remember that intimacy doesn’t always mean getting down and dirty with a partner—don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands, literally.

Whether you’re celebrating solo, or with someone special this year, be sure to leave some room on the nightstand for your Rosebud CBD tincture.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD?

The beauty of CBD is its versatility—Rosebud CBD oil is one that can be enjoyed on its own, in your favorite drinks, baked into your favorite bites, and even applied topically. 

This Valentine’s Day, we’re diving head first into the topical uses of CBD.

Using CBD Topically

If you’ve been keeping up with us on The Bloom, you’d know that we launched three CBD bath soaks.

Can I Use CBD as Lube?

Because there are so many different CBD products on the market, all with different contents, there is no precise answer to whether or not any CBD oil can be used as lube—it’s important to check out the ingredients of any product you plan on experimenting with and to know what works for you and your body.

Rosebud CBD oil has only two ingredients: coconut oil, and hemp extract. Coconut oil is commonly used as a base for lubricants, so this begs the question: what are the benefits of using CBD-infused lube, if any?

Disclaimer: Though we know our product, have done our research, and have sought out insights from actual doctors, we at Rosebud are not medical professionals, so do with that info what you will 🙂 Okay, now to the good stuff.

Similarly, the human body is equipped with an endocannabinoid system, and every individual has a set of CB1 & CB2 receptors. Without getting too scientific, here are the cliff notes: CBD stimulates and works in tandem with these receptors to keep things running smoothly, or in some cases, even heightens sensitivity.

Alex Capano, the first person to earn a Ph.D. in cannabinoid studies, pointed out that there are multiple cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue—so the application of CBD can increase blood flow to tissues, heightening sensitivity and promoting natural lubrication.

In addition to added lubrication, the use of CBD oil can help reduce tension and anxiety, which can lead to an increased willingness to receive pleasure, and in turn may lead to more powerful orgasms according to Tammy Nelson, board certified sexologist.

Using CBD as Lube? Time to Experiment!

Rosebud CBD oil can definitely be used as a lubricant, as the only ingredients are coconut oil (…yum!) and hemp extract. Sohead to the bedroom, dim the lights, light some candles, and turn up our February playlist for some added confidence!

This month, we collaborated with our favorite cannabis photographer @fallforvee to curate a playlist designed to boost confidence and spread the love—we hope you enjoy 😉

Kat Frey is a Brooklyn based writer, who originally hails from The Wing. Kat has historically worked with women-lead brands, and her writing spans from culture and cannabis, to overall health and wellness. When she’s not busy writing for Rosebud CBD, she spends her time thumbing through The Cut, Man Repeller, and T Magazine, or listening to Las Culturistas. Her favorite form of self care is adding our 350mg tincture to homemade face and hair masks!

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