Tracking Your CBD Use (+ FREE Printable Tracking Pages)

CBD has the power to help us reclaim ownership of our health – but only if we pay attention and listen to our bodies. 

Like anything new you add into your life, it can be difficult at first to tell if it’s making a difference – especially if you’ve changed your routines or added multiple new products into your life at once. 

Tracking your use can also help you build better CBD routines by arming yourself with the knowledge of how much CBD to take, when to take, and what strength to take. 

Here are the things we recommend you track for at least 30 days straight (it may take more days for some people to come to some conclusions, but that’s totally fine!) when taking your CBD: 

  • The date
  • Time of day you took your CBD
  • CBD strength 
  • Dose size (you can do the math to figure out what that is in MGs if you’d like)
  • General feelings, both physical and mental that day 

You can take notes in a journal, on your phone, OR use the nifty tracking sheet we’ve created below to guide you! Click to save it and print it. 

On each day, we’ve left you lots of space to take additional notes so you can get specific – did you have a bad night of sleep? Are you feeling sick? Did you do an extra strenuous workout? Make sure to record as much as you can so you can feel better informed about which CBD doses are working best for you. 

Our hope is that by tracking your CBD use, your daily activities, and your general feelings, you’ll become a more confident CBD user and start to intuitively tap into how CBD can better support you on a daily basis.