Rosebud Q&A: Real Moms Who Use CBD While Breastfeeding

I really, truly, believe that CBD is safe and effective for mothers to use while breastfeeding- and do not want to play a role in promoting fear.

Alexis Rosenbaum- founder Rosebud CBD

Despite the fact that breastfeeding is now widely acceptable (and legal) in all 50 states, it still remains a touchy topic for many. Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on what breastfeeding mothers should, and shouldn’t do. It can be a little overwhelming. 

When it comes to the facts about CBD, there’s a lot of conflicting information- especially when it comes to moms using CBD and breastfeeding. 

While the science may still be sparse, we have history to thank for showcasing the many ways women have been using cannabis at every stage of life. At Rosebud, it’s our hope to change the conversation surrounding CBD and breastfeeding. 

We are firm believers in the “You Do You” philosophy; we want all women, at every stage of their life to be able to (and to feel empowered to!) make their own decisions, when it comes to their personal health and happiness. 

With that being said, the effects of CBD while breastfeeding have not been widely studied. More research is needed to be able to make any strong, scientific-based statements. 

We recently sat down and had pow-wow with some of our favorite CBD-toting-breastfeeding-momma friends. These *moms provided us with some real-life insight on what their journey has been like since making the decision to incorporate CBD into their breastfeeding routine, as well as some of the challenges they’ve faced on the journey of breastfeeding and using CBD.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on CBD and breastfeeding?

“I did so much research, and ultimately came up short. I decided to add CBD to my lifestyle because I was severely depressed, and needed all the help I could get so I could be a better mom. And, at the end of the day, CBD is simply oil from a plant. I’m using countless other plant oils throughout my day in and on my body.” – Mom #1

Q: Did You Have Any Concerns About Using CBD While Breastfeeding?

“I was concerned that CBD would get me high. I don’t like the effects of THC, and I haven’t smoked marijuana since the first time I tried it, because it made me anxious. But I did a ton of research, as I always do when introducing something new to my body. I had to break the stigma that I had growing up as a kid that marijuana is for lazy, unmotivated, hippies. I searched for the highest quality, organic, third-party-tested CBD I could find, and felt comfortable with. It was a game changer for me.”  – Mom #2

Q: Did you do any of your own research before taking CBD?

“I knew that CBD helped with my anxiety and stress before getting pregnant/nursing and I knew I needed to do something. I didn’t want to live in a constant state of “AH”. I also didn’t want to go the medical route. So, I read-up on CBD while breastfeeding and decided that the benefits were worth it.” Mom #3

Q: Was it a tough decision to start using CBD while breastfeeding?

“I would say that my decision to use CBD and breastfeed was a tough one- but I think the benefits far outweigh the risks (if any risks). My baby is healthy, and is meeting the milestones- actually, my baby is surpassing milestones. My baby is alert, smiley, happy. My baby sleeps very well at night. I’m not saying that my baby is this way because I take CBD. I’m saying my baby is healthy and thriving, regardless. If CBD helps your mood, helps your stress levels, helps your pain management, helps you sleep, etc, I would suggest taking it. A healthy mama is what’s most important.” Mom #4

Q: What made you decide to start using CBD as a breastfeeding mom? 

“I used CBD for two years before getting pregnant. I stopped during pregnancy, until the very end of my third trimester with my doctor’s approval. I went back and forth about using CBD while breastfeeding. I wanted to make sure it was safe for my baby. I did a ton of research. I didn’t find anything saying it was harmful, but I found a lot saying that it isn’t “considered safe” because there are no studies on it yet. 

So ultimately, it was up to me to follow my intuition. And I would never do anything that I thought was remotely bad for my baby. I read that breast milk has natural cannabinoids, and I thought that was fascinating. It seems to me that our bodies were built for this plant. I made the decision to use the highest quality CBD I could find, and take the minimum dosage. The benefits far outweigh the risks to me.” – Mom #5

Q: Have you noticed any benefits of using CBD while breastfeeding? 

“I am a better mom. I don’t feel like I’m constantly about to explode on my children. I’m calmer, more patient, and focused.” Mom #6 

Q: When it comes to stress and anxiety due to nursing, would you say CBD has helped mitigate those feelings?

“There isn’t much (or any) research at all connecting CBD and breastfeeding, so you really just need to do what you feel is best for you and your baby. At the end of the day, I love it and I’m thankful to have CBD as a tool for my wellness and mental health. It’s not the only tool I use, but having a plant-based, natural option for easing some of my anxious and depressive symptoms has been incredible, and I’m really glad CBD is an option.” Mom #7

Q: Have you shared with your family or friends about your choice to use CBD while nursing? 

“Mostly the response to me using CBD and nursing has been positive, and usually met with an “I’ve been wanting to try that” or “oh me too!” – Mom #8

Q: Did you consult your doctor about using CBD while breastfeeding? 

“In my third trimester, I asked my doctor if I could take CBD oil because it was the last two weeks, and I was getting anxious and had trouble sleeping. He said that, as a doctor, he couldn’t tell me “yes,” but his intuition was telling him it was safe. Mine was too. Now, I have a healthy baby who is exceeding milestones!” – Mom #9

Q: What have you found to be the most effective method of using CBD? Orally or Topically?

“I have used CBD salve topically for aches and pains. I think generally, oral use works best for my specific issues, but I will continue to utilize it topically as well. I still have a lot to learn about getting the maximum benefit of CBD!” – Mom #10

Q: Do you feel judged due to your use of CBD as a mom?

“My family knows that I use CBD. Some get it, some don’t. Some family understood and agree they see a change in my mood. Other family members still see CBD as a drug and don’t quite understand it still. But I see firsthand the benefits. I have not shared this with my doctor though. I am new to CBD, and am not sure how a doctor will view me if I do share the information. I feel judged sometimes, but know that it shouldn’t be that way.” – Mom #11

Q: If you were to tell another breastfeeding mom about your CBD experience, what would you share?

“I would share that CBD has allowed me to live more in the moment with my children. I am less in my head and stressors and more attentive and in tune with my baby and older children. We are all happier because of that.” – Mom #12

If I Choose to Use CBD while Breastfeeding, How Much Should I Take?

As always, we recommend starting with a small dose, and go from there. Also try taking your CBD oil at the same time, every day.

If you’re completely new to taking CBD oil, we recommend starting 5-10 drops of your 350 mg Rosebud CBD oil, and slowly increase the amount as needed. 

If you’re interested in learning more about proper CBD dosing, check out Rosebud’s CBD Oil Dosage Guide.

*names have been changed for privacy

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