Rosebud Dream Spaces: Gertie NYC

This month, we’re piloting a series on The Bloom called Rosebud Dream Spaces, where we spotlight some of the spaces we frequent for bites, strong coffee, good work vibes, great design, and overall inspiration. 

With a handful of Rosebud’s team members working remotely, we know that finding the right work environment is the key to productivity, and is also no easy feat.

When it comes to working from home, sometimes all it takes is throwing on a pair of jeans, filling in your eyebrows, and heading somewhere that strikes the perfect balance of minimal and millennial to get your best work done. Throw some good coffee in the mix, and the world is your oyster.

That’s why the first Dream Space we’re covering is Brooklyn’s budding gem, and best kept secret (for now), Gertie.

Right under our noses, Gertie is tucked away on a hidden, charming corner of South Williamsburg.

The Scoop

Inspired by artisanal, trendy LA spots like Sqirl, Gjelina, and Gjusta, Founder Nate Adler and his team wanted to create, “a New York restaurant and put our spin on what it meant to grow up in New York and what New York food is to us”, according to an interview with Eater.

Gertie boasts a full service menu, with options for morning, afternoon, and evening. The crux of the menu is rotisserie, ranging from winter vegetables and lamb, to chicken and pot pie with rotisserie filling. 

Image courtesy of Gertie NYC

The fun doesn’t end there—Adler solicited the expertise of Brooklyn based dough-ologist Savannah Turley to grace us with treats like homemade whoopie pies, warm cookies, and jumbo muffins with butter & jam to satisfy any afternoon sugar-rush needs. 

(editor’s note: our staff writer Kat Frey is a serious advocate of these muffins, and can confirm that they are in fact jumbo.)

The Design

Muffins and whoopie pies aside, one could argue the most endearing parts of this dream space are the design elements. Adler’s vision for the space was to replicate the personality of his grandmother Gertrude, whom the restaurant is named after (*wipes tear*).

Filled with sunlight and bright splashes of color, in true grandmother fashion, this space invites you in and doesn’t want you to leave. With a little help from local muralists, Gertie was named Design of The Year by Eater.

Image courtesy of Gertie NYC

On the interior, Lea Carey designed an exuberant mural that brings the space to life. On the exterior, Sean Steed, otherwise referred to as Jurèma, designed two extremely instagrammable, eye-catching murals that seamlessly capture the buoyant nature of the restaurant.

The Vibes

Great design is one thing, but the vibes of a space are a layer of their own. 

For our early risers, Gertie’s natural sunlight and strong coffee are all the ingredients for a productive morning—you can conquer your inbox on one cup alone. 

If you scoot over there early enough, you’ll beat the brunch crowd and find yourself having a relaxed morning with a soft indie soundtrack to nod along to. Need headphones to get sh%t done? We feel you. Be sure to check out some of Rosebud’s playlists designed to help you hustle.

*Expert Tip: pack a tincture of Rosebud CBD and try adding some to your coffee for added focus. (Don’t know how much to add? We got you, take a peek at our dosing guide!)

For those of us who don’t believe that the early bird catches the worm, Gertie’s evening vibe is the perfect place to take yourself on a little PM work date.

Cozy up at a candle-lit table, treat yourself to some chicken noodle soup (for the stomach, and the soul) and be sure to check out their drink menu. 

*Expert Tip #2: Rosebud CBD is made with coconut oil, and the light airy flavor makes a great addition to any beverage. 

Overall, we can almost guarantee that you’ll leave Gertie with an empty inbox, a cleared to-do list, a satisfied sweet tooth, and full stomach.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Rosebud Dream spaces, and don’t be afraid to drop us a line to see your favorite space featured next—we’ll see you in the DMs 😉

Kat Frey is a Brooklyn based writer, who originally hails from The Wing. Kat has historically worked with women-lead brands, and her writing spans from culture and cannabis, to overall health and wellness. When she’s not busy writing for Rosebud CBD, she spends her time thumbing through The Cut, Man Repeller, and T Magazine, or listening to Las Culturistas. Her favorite form of self care is adding our 350mg tincture to homemade face and hair masks!

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