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At Rosebud, we’re committed to using our platforms to build a more inclusive wellness community. One way we’re doing this, is by dedicating a monthly email to a small business in the wellness space that we think you would love learning about and sharing them across all of our social platforms. We’ve always believed in “collaboration over competition”, so now we’re putting that into action. 

In September we featured Berrion Berry – Florida-based menstrual health educator and founder of The Flo Academy.

For far too long, folks with periods have been fed the lie that a painful and debilitating menstrual cycle is natural, and the solution is either birth control, midol, or just to “deal with it”. But that lie is being busted by incredible educators like Berrion. Through her company, The Flo Academy, Berrion offers accessible and actionable education to menstruating people on how to master their cycles (yes, please!)

If you’re ready to take control of your menstruation, this is for you – but first, let’s get to know a little bit more about Berrion.

What your business is in 1-2 sentences (or mission statement):

The Flo Academy is an online menstrual education company focused on teaching menstruators how to master their monthly flo. 

What got you interested in specializing in menstrual health?

I’ve always struggled with painful periods and when I found out that periods aren’t supposed to be painful, I made it my mission to heal my period naturally and teach others how to do it as well. Not only this, but I noticed a gap in the wellness industry. Many individuals talking about menstrual health didn’t look like me, and I just couldn’t relate, so I decided to fill that gap and well become what I was looking for. 

What is The Flo Academy, and how long have you been running it?

The Flo Academy is an online menstrual education company and community. I created it because my waitlist for one on one practitioner work was just too long. Rather than have everyone wait to work with me 1-on-1, I packaged the main things into courses within the academy and there you have it, The Flo Academy. I’ve been running it since August of 2019 and opened the doors for enrollment in August of 2020. 

What are some common misconceptions people have about menstrual health?

The most common misconception is that people think periods should be painful. Although pain may be common when it comes to periods, it’s not normal. Let’s be honest, when is pain ever considered normal? Never. So why is it any different with our periods? The second most common misconception is that being hormonal is a bad thing. Friend, your hormones are designed to rise and fall all month long, it’s actually 100% normal, so here’s your permission slip to bleed and be, oh and of course own being hormonal. 

Taking control of your menstrual health and hormones can feel overwhelming to some people – what are some simple, but effective things someone can do to start?  

The first thing I’d recommend is take it one step at a time, and find out which phase of your cycle you’re in since there are 4 phases. The second thing I’d recommend is to remember that there are 2 phases of high energy optimal for focusing on your external world and 2 phases of low energy optimal for focusing on your internal world. If you can understand the phases, and remember the general rule of thumb 2 high energy and 2 low energy, you’re off to a great start. 

What are some of the biggest business (or life) lessons you’ve learned from starting your own business? 

I’ve learned to take wild responsibility for not only my business, but also my life. When I first started as an entrepreneur, I looked to everyone else for guidance, and the moment I decided to take responsibility for my actions, no matter what they were, is the moment everything changed in my life and business. Side note, for any entrepreneurs remember you don’t have to love the hard work, you just have to crave the end result. 

As an entrepreneur, how do you find balance? 

Can I be frank? Balance isn’t actually a thing in my opinion. I don’t think you can find balance. I think you have to create alignment between all aspects of your life. If you’re in alignment,  I believe you’ve found your flow. I also believe that knowing how to communicate boundaries, operating out integrity and connecting with others through generosity and kindness helps with creating alignment. 

Favorite way to start your day: 

Brain. Body. Breath. I love to just make sure my brain and mind are feeling good so journaling and meditation are amazing. Then I like to check in with my body and see how it feels. I look for any tension and figure out how to release it. Lastly, breath, I love doing 1-3 minutes of breathwork, it’s so amazing. 

Favorite way to end your day: 

Hot tea, an amazing bubble bath, and a good book. 

What do the words, “return to your natural self” mean to you?

It means to return to who you were before you tried to be everything to everyone. 

Words you live by: 

Flow is not only a state of mind, but also something your body does, and a way to live your life if you choose. 

How can people support your business? 

Well obviously they can enroll in a course in The Flo Academy or grab the Eat Your Way to a Better Period meal plan, but I would love for people to begin normalizing the conversation around menstruation. It really shouldn’t be “taboo.”

What are 3 other small businesses you’re loving right now? 

I love Semaine Health, Lar & Cath are amazing and their product for period pain management is amazing. I also love Guide Culture by Macy McNeely & Kathryn Shubert. It’s a sales and leadership training program that every entrepreneur should know about. Sol Studio Marketing by my friend Natasha Samuel. She’s an instagram wizard and I think everyone should know about her!

What’s next for The Flo Academy? 

We’re hosting a workshop called Master Your Flo at the end of October and I’m soooo excited!

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