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At Rosebud, we’re committed to using our platforms to build a more inclusive wellness community. One way we’re doing this, is by dedicating a monthly email to a small business in the wellness space that we think you would love learning about. We’ve always believed in “collaboration over competition”, so now we’re putting that into action. 

Over the summer we kicked off a new initiative called Friends of Rosebud, with the goal of building a more inclusive wellness community here at Rosebud, as well as sharing some incredible small businesses and entrepreneurs we think you’ll love learning about! 

Our first feature was Nia Baucke – Cincinnati, OH-based founder of Flora Lee Naturals, a small-batch, natural skincare brand, lovingly named after her grandmother. Learn more about the products, and Nia’s story below.

What your business is in 1-2 sentences (or mission statement):

Flora Lee is a small-batch brand focused on making feel-good, natural skincare products. Our products are designed to promote brighter skin and brighter days.

How did you get started making your own skincare?

As a teen I struggled with oily, acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation. I found that most of the drugstore skincare products I used were actually extremely drying and made my skin condition worse so I turned to natural ingredients. I spent years researching, testing different ingredients and ultimately began making my own products. 

How long have you been running Flora Lee?

3 years! We first launched as a DIY concept– where I taught others how to make their own clay mask and oil serum– but more people were interested in just purchasing my products. I still offer DIY classes because I believe knowledge is power.

What makes your products unique?

Our products are designed to be effective without drying the skin out. We believe that gentleness and kindness go a long way (you won’t find any harsh ingredients or alcohols in our products!). Our clay mask in particular is incredibly gentle but is perfect for getting clear, smooth and bright skin. Everything is hand blended and bottled and jarred fresh at least once a month– meaning our customers have access to the most potent version of the effective natural ingredients we use.

We love that Flora Lee is named after your grandmother! What are some of the biggest life lessons you learned from her?

I’m constantly inspired by the story of my grandmother. Born to a sharecropping family in the South, she left for Illinois with no money in her pocket and little education to make a better life for herself– and she did. I’m constantly inspired by her fortitude, and more importantly her belief that there was something better ahead (where we get our tagline “Brighter Days Ahead”). She was an eternal optimist, a “Do-it-Yourself” woman, and a lover of nature– all things that inform who I am today.

As an entrepreneur, how do you find balance?

It may sound incredibly tactical, but I’m learning to find balance by setting boundaries. Creating boundaries around when I’ll answer emails and ship orders or  how long I’ll spend on social media has made a huge difference for me. As an entrepreneur you can easily spend the whole day working. Learning when and how to rest has been incredibly useful. 

Favorite way to start your day:

A perfect morning is waking up before my son gets up, drinking a large glass of lemon water and spending 5 minutes in prayer/meditation. Simple and calming.

Favorite way to end your day:

Reading a book while drinking some Kombucha. If I’m feeling restless, I’ll have some chamomile tea with CBD. Did I mention I’m simple? 🙂

What do the words, “return to your natural self” mean to you?

When I hear “return to your natural self” the word “honor” comes to mind. Leaning into your authentic self– who you are with no input from others– and honoring that version of yourself with rest, kindness and no judgement is so incredibly important.

Words you live by:

There is a brighter day ahead.

How can people support your business?

In addition to shopping with us, we always appreciate when people share about us and our products. We share endless skincare tips on Instagram, so you can always give us a follow and interact with us there!

What are 3 other small businesses you’re loving right now?

Minor Obsession (Amazing, natural soaps that smell oh-so-good!), Her Distraction (a curated clothing boutique) and Berrion Berry (a Hormonal Health educator who offers amazing insights into honoring your body). 

What’s next for Flora Lee as a business?

We’ve got a few things up our sleeve for bath and body products that we can’t wait to share!

Tune in next time for Vol. 2 and to be the first to know, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter!

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