Rose Buds: The Women of Calivolve

As many of you know, our delicious vegan dark chocolate CBD bar is handmade by the incredible women of Calivolve. With this collaborative CBD edible being back in stock, we decided who better to feature for our fourth installment of Friends of Rosebud – a series we kicked off this past summer to show our commitment in using our platforms to build a more inclusive wellness community. 

Calivolve was our calling to be creative and passionate, to launch a company to reach and educate women who wanted to know more about cannabis and how to use it openly and confidently. We were evolving, the industry is evolving, Cali”volve”. That’s where the name came from.

So without further ado, here are some insights on the women of Calivolve. 

What your business is in 1-2 sentences (or mission statement): 

Calivolve is a women of color-owned company on a mission to make cannabis as socially acceptable as a glass of wine. 

How did you get started making chocolate?

We’ve always enjoyed and had a passion for chocolates. We dabbled in chocolate recipes growing up but really started to learn the fine art of making chocolates in 2017 with the help of an experienced chocolatier. 

How long have you been running Calivolve? 

We founded Calivolve in 2017. 

What makes your products unique? 

Sustainability, craftsmanship and design are the most  important to us. 

How do you stay inspired when creating new flavors?

We are foodies and love to create unique flavors that emphasize health and wellness.

As an entrepreneur, and a single mother, how do you find balance (if it’s even possible)?

It’s mastering the fine skill of multi-tasking and understanding your own limits and being okay with it.

Favorite way to start your day: 

Cup of coffee looking at the beautiful sunrise.

Favorite way to end your day:

Glass of wine, soft music and expressing gratitude.

Words you live by:

Love, Gratitude, Kindness

How can people support your business?

Follow us on IG, sign up at, sign-up for a subscription, and tell family and friends about our amazing products. 

What are 3 other small businesses you’re loving right now?

Rosebud CBD, Beatrice Valenzuela and Shop Tenzo

What’s next for Calivolve?

Giftable bundles and merch, more chocolate bars (coming soon!), and future collaborations.

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