Our Spring Cleaning Tips: Refresh for Spring

This time of year we’re all sliding open our curtains and switching out our coats for jackets as we emerge from hibernation. But this year it all feels a little different. As we do our best to carry on while practicing social distancing and continue to miss the newness of spring, we are met with a rare opportunity to dive into our home projects. 

Growing up I remember watching my Mom wash down the windows, as my Dad freshened and mended the outdoor gardens. It’s a sign that spring has begun, and so has spring cleaning. I’m met with the urge to minimize my belongings and rid my surfaces of every dust particle I can.

This spring is a little different with COVID-19 forcing most of us under a “stay at home” order. It’s the perfect time to declutter and clear out whatever is not serving you and to wipe down just about everything.

To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of spring cleaning tips. Turn on and turn up our energizing “Cleaning Kit” mix on Spotify. And once you’re done decluttering and cleaning, check out Rosebud Spaces pinterest board to find inspiration to rearrange some of your spaces

Start small

Before you empty every drawer and turn your place upside down, simply tidy up. Put your keys and sunglasses in your designated catch-all bowl, wash your dishes, put away clean laundry, and make your bed. That way when you begin your deep clean and declutter, you won’t misplace essential items.

Tackle one room at a time

It’s easy to get carried away and move from one project to the next, but it’s best to complete one task in its entirety before moving on. That way if you get interrupted, you’re not left with a million little messes laying all over your space and it will be much easier to pick up where you left off. 

Conquer your closets

You know that one piece of clothing that’s been hanging in your closet for years that you just haven’t gotten around to wearing? It may be time to part with it… A simple trick is to rotate your hangers to face outward, and any items remaining after 3 months on unturned hangers will be questioned. You can also keep an empty shopping bag or reusable tote on your closet floor and toss in any items you know you’re ready to let go of. Sort items into 3 piles: keep, sell, & donate. 

Purge and declutter 

Starting in one room, empty the contents of all dressers, cabinets, drawers, etc. and begin to sort each item into piles. For example, in the kitchen you’d sort your utensils, dishware, cutting boards, etc. Once you’ve organized these piles, wipe down the insides of your cabinets and drawers. If you have a pile of unused or worn items, place them in a box to donate. Next, reorganize all of your kitchen’s contents. Use a drawer organizer instead of tossing everything in together and use a cabinet shelf for extra space. Follow these steps for each drawer and cabinet in your space.

Get every nook & cranny

When’s the last time you looked under your couch cushions? Or swept and mopped under your bed? These spaces can often be neglected, because out of sight, out of mind. Remove your couch cushions and vacuum up any crumbs or pet hair. Sweep under furniture that may collect dust under it. Wipe down your baseboards, and dust your window sills. Tackle any area that may not get as much attention during your regular cleanings. 

Tend to your plants

Spring is the perfect time to freshen your plants soil, propagate any trimmings, or repot growing plants. Start simple by removing any dead leaves, adding some fertilizer, and wiping down larger leaves. If you want to dive deeper into plant care, check out The Sill’s blog for more information. 

Tips for keeping your space clutter-free

Now that you’ve put in all of that hard work to clean up your space, let’s talk about some ways to keep it that way. 

  1. If you bring a new item into your home, consider replacing it with a different, unnecessary item. Because how many white tees do we really need? 
  2. Create a routine for cleaning and tidying up. Clean all your dishes and wipe down your counters before going to bed, have a designated place for shoes, bags, device chords, etc. and be sure everything goes in its place. In the morning when you wake up, make your bed first thing, fluff your couch pillows, and spot sweep. Whenever you decide to tidy up, do it daily and stick with a routine so messes don’t pile up.
  3. Keep all of your surfaces clear, that way your space looks tidy and is more functional. If you work from home, organize your desk at the end of the day. Keep non-essential kitchen items in cabinets and drawers so you can power through your meal-prep more efficiently. 

We hope these tips encourage you to rid your space of the things that no longer bring you joy, Marie Kondo style. Extra points for pretending you’re in a movie cleaning montage. Turn up the music, grab your cleaning supplies, and get that cardio while you clean.

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