Non-Traditional Ways To Spend Memorial Day Weekend

There’s a lot to love about a three day weekend: an extra morning to ignore your alarm, a bonus day to spend how you want, and a shorter work week ahead.

Three day weekends, especially Memorial Day weekend, can also be synonymous with big parties and boozy BBQs. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a more fulfilling way to spend your three day weekend, we’ve got some very Rosebud-y ideas for you.

Set Your Summer Intentions

If you’ve ever heard yourself say, “I can’t believe it’s [insert month or season here] already!”, try taking some time to set intentions for the season ahead. You don’t want to let summer pass you by without focusing on what’s important to you.

Whether you’re a moodboard-er, list maker, or journal-er, carve out an hour or two in a setting that makes you feel at ease – a favorite nook in your apartment, a cozy coffee shop, your favorite park bench –  and set some summer intentions.

We even created a handy worksheet for you to use below!

Keep in mind, intentions are not a to-do list, but encouragements on how you want to be spending your time and energy.

Maybe you want to get outside for at least an hour every day, swim in the ocean, put your phone on airplane mode after 8 pm, practice gratitude daily, cook a meal from farmers’ market veggies, take a new friend out to dinner… it’s all up to you.

Serve Your Community

Memorial Day is about honoring those who have served, so why not pay it forward and serve someone in your community?

Gather a group and plant flowers at a local nursing home, watch a friends’ kids who didn’t get Memorial Day off, pick up trash at your local park or lean into whatever is stirring in your heart.

At Rosebud, we’re partnering with an incredible organization, Veteran’s Ananda, that utilizes traditional and non-traditional treatments and therapies to assist with supporting, healing, and rehabilitating U.S. Armed Service Members, veterans, and first responders from across the nation. Their goal is to empower their members so they can live happy, productive, and fulfilling lives at home and in their communities.

We’re donating CBD oil to 100 of their members to aid in their healing process. If you’re interested in donating or getting involved with the impactful work they do, learn more here.

Spend Some Technology-free Time In Nature

If you’re looking for a surefire way to reboot your creativity and refresh your mind, spend some time with Mother Nature. But here’s the key, no technology allowed.

When’s the last time you hiked through a forest, sat by the ocean, or looked out at an open field without the distractions of music, podcasts, the urge to get that perfect shot, or the obnoxious, but habitual need to scroll through your phone?

Immerse yourself in the natural world for a few hours (this can be as simple as hanging in your backyard or a nearby park) and tune into the smells, sounds, and sights around you. Where does it take your mind? What do you notice that you never have before?

Create The Ultimate “Me Day”

Release yourself from the “obligations” of stopping by four different Memorial Day parties, cancel all your plans, and intentionally choose to spend the day alone.

The world demands a lot of us day-to-day. Between work, friends, and family, we’re constantly answering to the needs of those around us. But what if for one day you tuned it all out and tuned in only to your needs?

Chances are you’ll head into the week, and the season ahead, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to go.

Take A “Personal Inventory Day”

Now I can’t take credit for this idea or term, I heard it on one of my favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend.

The idea behind a “Personal Inventory Day” is to spend one day doing all the little “life stuff” we normally push off, in one fell swoop, and treating yourself at the end.

Things like paying bills, scheduling doctor’s appointments, writing thank you cards, buying birthday presents, filing quarterly taxes, changing your car oil… the stuff that makes you feel like a put-together human, but oftentimes gets pushed to the wayside.

The key to a fun “Personal Inventory Day” is to have a treat planned for when you accomplish all of your tasks – like a giant bowl of ice cream, a facial, or buying yourself a new houseplant.

If you love the idea, set a “Personal Inventory Day” once a month to keep you feeling in control of your life.

There’s really no right or wrong way to spend your long weekend, but maybe one of these ideas will open your mind to a new, or much needed, experience.

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