Level-Up Your Next Bath with a CBD Bath Soak

Bath routines (like naps, and the many other niceties that often went unappreciated when we were younger) have turned into luxuries that far too few of us adults are taking advantage of. The team at Rosebud can confidently say that if you’re not imbibing in a CBD bath routine, at least once a week, you are sorely missing out! 

We all have slightly varying bathtime preferences; some of us keep devices completely out of the bathroom to “unplug” and others like to have a new podcast on in the background; multitasking at its finest, ehh? But there is a common thread that unites the Rosebud team’s new favorite bath routine: the addition of CBD. 

If you are new to the concept of adding CBD to your bath routine, or you’re already familiar and are looking for the best way to take a CBD bath, you have come to the right place. Draw yourself a bath, make a cup of tea (or pour your favorite glass of wine) and get ready to learn how to level-up your next bath with CBD!

Remind Me; What Is CBD?

For a mini-refresher, cannabidiol- which is also known as CBD- is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana, and can have a wide variety of proven mental and physical health benefits. CBD is legal in all 50 states, and usually only contains negligible amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid that makes you feel “high”) so you won’t experience any psychoactive effects.

If you’re curious, Rosebud CBD oil is full spectrum, and contains the legal limit: 0.03%. More info on full-spectrum versus CBD isolate here

So what does this calming, cannabis-derived plant substance have to do with bath time? 

Why Should I Add CBD to my Bath? What are the Benefits?

First off, baths by themselves are just so darn good for you. 

The ritual of taking a bath has been revered as sacred, pretty much since the dawn of time- all across the world. Today, baths are the quick-fix for a wide variety of ailments, from stress and high blood pressure to achy joints or sore muscles from a tough gym sesh. 

Additionally, heat causes vasodilation of your body’s blood vessels, which enhances the absorption of CBD. This can help relax your muscles, open your airways, make it easier to breathe, and promote more effective relief.

Here are a few ways that a CBD bath can improve your physical and mental health.

Get Your Glow On with a CBD Bath

If you have ever heard a friend telling you about their CBD bath soak, you’ve more than likely heard them mention their post-bath “glow.” This is due to the hot water and CBD bath soaks increasing your blood flow and opening pores, resulting in a readily-apparent and totally enviable glow.

The warm bath water opens your pores, allowing toxins to flow out (and the CBD and essential oils to flow into the skin.) The noticeable difference you’ll see in your skin after getting in a tub full of warm water and CBD is just part of the benefits you’ll be feeling within minutes of getting in. 

Improve Your Mood

In 2002, a study found that taking daily baths improved the overall mood and optimism of the participants. The addition of CBD into your bath provides the relaxation and calm that is associated with this healing plant- so it’s no wonder that when you’re soaking in a warm bath, adding in a CBD bath bomb will only add to the mood-boosting factor. 

Relieve Sore Muscles

After a particularly grueling yoga flow or a few hours of crossfit, your muscles will undoubtedly be sore and achy. While this is a normal side-effect of working out, there are ways to help relieve post-workout stiffness with CBD.

There’s no better way to relieve sore, achy muscles than with a warm bath, and a CBD bath soak adds the perfect touch. Adding a CBD bath soak to your bath allows the CBD to penetrate your skin throughout the entire body, rather than a small area. 

Promote Better Sleep

A night of great sleep comes with a whole host of health benefits- from immune system strength to better pain recovery–  and a CBD bath before bed is an amazing way to ensure that you drift off to dreamland without any difficulty. 

A drop in body temperature at night is one of the classic signals for our bodies to start producing melatonin (the hormone that helps induce sleep.) Our bodies naturally get colder at night; this dip in temperature starts to dip about two hours before going to bed and lasts until about 4 a.m. You can help kick-start this shift by heating yourself up artificially, tricking your body into making you feel sleepy. 

Step-by-Step; The Best Way to Take a CBD Bath 

At Rosebud CBD, we take our baths very seriously, and we want you to experience all that CBD has to offer this precious ritual.  

Below, we’ve outlined how you can take the best, most perfect CBD bath- from start to finish. 

Ask for Some Alone Time

This is super important: be sure to kindly ask for privacy, whether it’s from your loving significant other, your socially-active roommate, or adoring kiddos. The last thing you need is someone banging on the door needing your attention. (Total. Buzzkill.) 

Acknowledge that everyone- especially you- deserves a little “me” time at the end of a long day. Take a few drops of CBD oil, and get yourself in the perfect state of mind to really chill…

Pour a Glass of Wine or Mug of Tea

Make sure you have your favorite beverage in hand- whether that’s a mug of hot chamomile tea, a glass of wine, or even a pina colada- literally, whatever floats your boat. 

Don’t Forget Your Head and Neck

One thing that is often forgotten (until you’re dripping wet) is something soft for your head. You can simply roll-up a dry towel to put under your neck, or you can buy an inflatable pillow to keep in your bath. Either way, make sure that you’re able to fully relax by having somewhere for your head to rest comfortably. 

Fill Your Tub 

Run the bath at your preferred temperature; it shouldn’t be too hot, as this can make you feel a little dizzy, and can make certain health complications worse. According to aromatherapist and well-being expert Michele Roques O’Neil, “a warm but not tepid bath is actually much more calming.” 

Pour in your Rosebud CBD bath soaks, and enjoy filling your bathroom with the luxurious smell of Orange and Bergamot (in the Awaken CBD bath soaks) Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Roman Chamomile (in the Mend CBD bath soaks) or Lavender, Jasmine and Vetiver (in the Unwind CBD bath soaks).

Set the Mood 

Looking at any self-respecting bathtub, you’ll notice at least one or two candles perched on the rim. Candles are an excellent way of immediately elevating the mood- and there are so many options available if you’re looking for elements of calm and relaxation. There’s nothing more relaxing than zoning out to the flicker of your favorite candle. 

Peppermint, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, sage and eucalyptus candles can all help destress and relax- so light up (more than just a candle, if that’s your thing*) and prepare to be transported to your favorite headspace.

Indulge in a Face Mask 

Are you in the mood to go all-out? We dig your style! 

For the ultimate at-home spa experience, apply a DIY CBD face mask prior to hopping in the tub. Let it sit on your face for about 10 minutes, then wash it off (in the tub) with a warm washcloth. Hydration at it’s finest.

Choose Your Entertainment

Next, set up your ideal bath-time situation: you might want to catch up on your favorite TV shows, podcast or Ted Talk. If you decide to keep your devices in the bathroom with you, make sure to have a few extra towels on hand to dry your hands if you need to turn the volume down, change episodes, or literally hit the “pause” button. 

If you’re looking for the best music to listen to while you soak, check out our curated “Bath Time” mix to take the guess-work out of choosing your tunes.

If you opt to go tech-free during your bathing ritual, grab a magazine or book, and make sure to have extra towels on hand for wet fingers. You can also opt to spend your time in the bath meditating or praying. Do whatever you feel moved to do in the moment.

Know When to Hop Out

As much as we’d like to spend a full day chilling in the bathtub, it’s important to know when to say when. “Generally speaking, if your fingers and toes start to wrinkle, it’s probably time to get out. That’s a sign that prolonged contact with water is starting to damage the outer layer of your skin,” says dermatologist Sharon Wong, MD, in an interview with Byrdie.

Are CBD Baths Routines Safe for Everyone?

As with any new product, people with sensitive skin should test their CBD bath soaks or salves before submerging in it completely. Before exposing your whole body to it, Rosebud CBD suggests diluting a small amount of product and applying it to a small area of skin with a washcloth.

Extremely warm baths are not considered to be safe for pregnant women, since they generally increase body temperature. If you’re pregnant, avoid getting in hot tubs and taking hot baths. Instead, turn the water temperature down, and limit your bath time to less than 10 minutes.

Also be cautious when taking a hot bath if you have heart disease. When you submerge yourself in hot water, your body can’t sweat, so your blood vessels widen to cool you off instead. This process makes your blood pressure drop and your heart rate speed up. This doesn’t pose as a problem for most healthy people, but if you have heart disease it can strain your heart

Doctors will also warn of potential cardiac issues due to “sudden change in psychical activity or temperature” (like a really hot bath) however many of these risks pertain to people with existing heart issues.

Talk to your doctor if you’re interested in adding CBD baths to your routine, but you’re unsure of any complications. 

Overall, you can greatly improve the state of your mental and physical health by adding a CBD bath into your routine. And you know, maybe even take a bath a day to keep the doctor away? Why not give it a shot? 

Do you indulge in a bath routine and have any tips or insights on how to take the perfect CBD bath? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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