Let’s Get It On: CBD and Sex

Are cannabis and sex a match made in heaven?

To date, the majority of what we know about sex and cannabis is based on anecdotal evidence. Researchers at Stanford conducted the largest study to date on how cannabis impacts sexual activity. Pulling over two decades of data from the ongoing National Survey of Family Growth, they compiled information provided by 28,176 women and 22,943 men. The survey respondents had an average age of 30 and were weekly consumers of cannabis. In comparison with non-consumers, men reported 22% more sex, while women reported 34% more activity. Interestingly, the respondents who reported more than weekly cannabis use had an even higher increase in sexual frequency. The study didn’t inquire whether cannabis enhanced their sex lives, but one can reasonably assume that it does.

Anandamide: The Bliss Molecule

Have you ever heard of anandamide? It’s an endocannabinoid that is produced naturally in our bodies; interestingly, it has a similar chemical structure to THC. Fun fact: anandamide is named after ‘ananda’ – the Sanskrit word for bliss. Recent studies illustrate that happiness and anandamide are more intrinsically linked than we realized, hence the name. It would only make sense the “bliss molecule” would increase a blissful sensation during sex.

Teaera Roland FNP-BC CARN-AP MSN is a holistic medical practice owner who offers state-approved continuing education courses for medical professionals specializing in cannabinoid medicine. Teaera shared her professional insight with us. “For females, sex is multidimensional. Stereotypical and anecdotally, to women, sex can be more mental. So, activation of the CB1 receptors, aligning neurotransmitters and allowing for more available dopamine, would allow her to be more “in the moment” and, therefore, able to climax more easily and actually have a stronger and longer climax. Activating CB2 receptors can allow for a stronger message of touch to be sent to the brain.”

Men vs. women: the biological advantage

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia recently studied how cannabis can impact women’s libido. They discovered that cannabis-infused topicals can positively increase sexual stimulation and arousal in women. The study illustrated that there is a significant relationship between the concentration of endocannabinoids and sexual arousal in females. The science is not yet conclusive, but you could extrapolate that when we aren’t producing a high enough concentration of endocannabinoids, we can supplement with phytocannabinoids, resulting in a positive increase in sexual health. So ladies, if you’re looking to get down with ya bad self, light up and get after it!

So, where does that leave us?

Here at Rosebud, we believe in a well-balanced cannabis diet. Teaera left us with an expert tip, “Too much THC can induce anxiety and take away from the mood at times. Be strain specific. A strong indica will make a piece of chocolate and a pillow way more enticing than a naked body.”

Though the dawn of a new green era is upon us, truth be told, there just hasn’t been a ton of research done on the link between cannabis and sex. We’re optimistic that this will change in the near future, but for now, we say… experiment your hearts out! ’Tis the season for love after all.