How To Maintain Your CBD Routine While Traveling

For those of us who live in a cold weather climate, it’s about that time of year where we’re ready to throw our snow boots in storage and shake off our sandals. The emergence out of our ‘winter hibernation’ often brings about the desire to get out, explore, and remind ourselves that there’s more to life than hiding from the cold with Netflix and chickpea stew. If you’re traveling somewhere this spring, chances are you’ll have to pack a bag. This is a step you either love or hate, but one thing we want to remind you not to forget (besides your toothbrush) is your CBD oil

Maintaining routines while in vacation mode can be difficult, but it’s totally doable with some of these tips.. 

Set a reminder

Whether it’s an alarm or an added task in your reminders app, setting one can help you take your CBD each day while traveling, especially if you’re dealing with a timezone change. We recommend picking a time when you know you’ll have your CBD handy. Whether it’s in the morning before you set off to explore or before crawling into bed after a day of adventure, choosing specific times to get the reminder will ensure you don’t overlook it. 

Pack it with your toiletries

Not sure how to pack your CBD? Both of our CBD tinctures (0.5oz and 1oz) are TSA approved for carry-on.

Make yourself at home

With all of the upsides to traveling, comes the downside of living out of a suitcase. If you’ll be staying in one location for at least a few days, we recommend actually unpacking your bags, and making yourself at home. Whether you’re in a hotel or in an AirBNB, lay out your belongings so you can see everything you have, hang up your clothes or put them into drawers. Set your CBD oil in a similar place to where you keep it at home: nightstand, on the sink, dresser, etc. Not only will it be a visual reminder to use your CBD as a wellness tool while traveling, it will also help you stay organized when it’s time to repack. 

Only bring the necessities 

Let’s be honest, packing your 12 step skincare routine while on vaca alone takes up half your suitcase. Keep your routine simple while traveling, and only pack your most important and versatile products. By keeping your routine simple while away, it will allow you to not stress over lugging around dozens of serums and eye creams, and encourage you to stick to the parts of your routines that matter most (like taking your CBD daily).

Choose the right bag

TSA requires you to have a resealable quart-sized bag for your carry-on. We suggest reaching for a clear one so you’re able to see all its contents. We’ve all been there, digging through our giant travel purse for 10 minutes, searching for our bottle of CBD or chapstick- talk about frustrating. Keeping the most important stuff in a small clear bag (we love these reusable silicone bags)  makes it super simple to pull out of your carry-on, take your go-to dose of Rosebud CBD, pop in some headphones, and totally chill while you’re on your way to your destination. 

Need a new playlist to set the tone of your travels? We created two with adventure in mind. “Airplane Mode” for while in-flight and “Road Trip” for when you’re packing up and setting off in your car, on a bus or a train. 

We hope these tips help you maintain your CBD routine while you’re off on your next adventure, but most of all, we hope you have a blast.

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