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With the start of each year comes the messaging to “revamp your life” – change your diet, exercise everyday, learn a new language, make a big career move… you name it, we feel the pressure to do it. And frankly, we’re sick of it. 

But on the flipside, we also believe in evolving. Not changing your life overnight, but as humans, we should be able to add things into our lives that make us feel happy, and at the same time remove things that aren’t serving us. 

So to kick off 2020, as a team we decided on a plan somewhere in the middle – to share small “healthy* habits” to add into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine that might bring you joy or take away unnecessary stress. 

We shared a lot of ideas, so we decided to round them up so you can stay inspired no matter what time of year it is. 

*We recognize the word healthy is totally subjective and there’s not one correct way to be “healthy”. Every body and every person is unique, and we’re using this word to describe something that might help you as an individual feel good and happy.

Dance Everyday

Close your laptop, crank up some tunes, and dance it out. For our first habit we’re encouraging you to take a break and create some movement. Who cares if you feel ridiculous – you’ll more than likely feel amazing. Need some tunes to jam to? Follow us on spotify!

Update Your Bedtime Routine

According to a study done by Harvard, the blue light from your electronic devices can have serious negative effects on your sleep and potentially lead to disease. Most of what we’ve read suggests we shut down our devices 2-3 hours before bed.⁠ We want to encourage you to try shutting your devices down 15 to 30 minutes (or more!) before bed and create a grown-up “bedtime” routine.

Explore other uses of the cannabis plant

Here at Rosebud we are big believers in a well balanced whole plant cannabis diet. Why? The cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, +) are synergistic meaning, they need each other to do their job. For this healthy habit, we’re encouraging you to explore other uses of the cannabis plant (CBD, flower, etc).

Establish an herbal routine

There are so many great herbal tincture options out there. On Instagram, our founder shared a bit about the background of her herbal tincture routine: “Two years ago I went through my first IVF cycle and wanted to support my immune system, manage my stress, and keep my body feeling as healthy and comfortable as possible. This is where @woodenspoonherbs came in with her Elderberry Rosehip Elixir. I take two full droppers every single morning and it has played a huge role in my overall health and wellness.”

Whichever herbal tinctures you decide to reach for, create a routine to help maintain consistency.

Practice Gratitude Everyday

According to a study done by Forbes, practicing gratitude can help your physical + psychological health, enhances empathy + reduces aggression, improves sleep + self-esteem, and increases mental strength.⁠ Jot it down in a journal, type it up in your notes app, however you choose to practice gratitude, make an effort to do it daily.

Nail & Hand Care

Are you a chronic nail biter? We all have our bad habits that are a result of anxiety. But nail biting can be a vicious cycle that leaves your nails and hands feeling rough. To help combat this habit, trim your nails weekly and reach for our salve to help nourish your skin & nails.

Start Your Day With A Warm Cup Of Water

The benefits of starting your day off with a cup of warm or hot water are endless: aids in digestion, calms the central nervous system, can decrease stress levels, and the list goes on. How many of you reach for the coffee first thing? The smell, the taste, the ritual – it’s hard not to love. Before you caf up, try starting your day a little more slowly with a cup of warm water. Whether you like a pop of citrus, refreshing mint, or something a little sweet, we have ideas on how to spruce up your morning cup of H2O: 

  • Cold kicker- ginger, lemon, honey, apple cider vinegar + CBD ⁠
  • Sweet and sour- lime, honey + CBD ⁠
  • Refresher- fresh mint leaves (or drop of food grade peppermint oil) + CBD

Stretch Everyday

Many of us sit for the majority of our day at our jobs – our bodies aren’t made to do this. According to @Outer.Reach, a stretch studio in NYC, stretching daily can help improve posture, create space in your joints, increase energy & focus, and improve circulation. Take 10-15 minutes each day to stretch it out.

Make Your Bed Everyday

Studies show that making your bed every morning can make you happier and more productive. It also makes your room look more neat and tidy, helping you feel calm and ready to start your day off right. Set the intention to make your bed each morning and reap the benefits of a more productive day.⁠

Making your bed doesn’t have to include a fancy looking bed. It doesn’t have to be perfect either. Most of the time I pull my sheets nice and tight up and under my pillows and that’s that. It’s so satisfying climbing into a made bed at night!

Take A Walk

Just about every morning our founder, Alexis, takes a 15-45min walk. She leaves her phone at home so she has zero distractions, and can have time to have complete solitude. It gives her time and space to think out anything on her mind. Here are her tips on how to take the best walk:

  1. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Nothing worse than being cold or uncomfortable. 
  2. Leave your devices at home.
  3. Leave by 7am for an extra quiet walk.
  4. Focus on your breath filling your lungs full of air, holding for a few seconds before exhaling.
  5. Take in the sounds and sights around you. The sun, the sky, the birds.

Invite Friends Over Once A Month

Because we’re so connected digitally, we often feel satisfied in our relationships even when we barely see people face-to-face. But nothing can replace an in-person connection – a hug, laughing together, cooking together, hearing the inflection in someone’s voice. 

Our team member, Jess, shared in our stories some details about her monthly cookbook club. A group of friends get together each month, dust off their cookbooks, and spend time catching up and sharing new recipes. 

Don’t wait for someone to make plans with you – facilitate a monthly in-person connection with the people you care about most by having people over for a meal (or just coffee and snacks!) once a month.

Make Simple Changes To Lower Your Plastic Use

When talking about using less plastic in your life, it can feel overwhelming. But you don’t have to overhaul everything to start. Pick one change to make in 2020 and stick to it for the year. ⁠

For example, switching from using shower gel, to a packaging free bar of soap such as @Terra_Tory

⁠The benefits of a well made bar soap also extend beyond using less plastic. If you opt for a bar made with natural ingredients like @Terra_tory, you’ll be using something better for your body and our environment.⁠

We’d love to hear which of these healthy habits you’ve implemented into your routine, share in the comments below which ones you’ve tried!

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