Alexis’ Favorites: Woman-Owned Pipe & Smokeware Gift Guide

Recently, a friend asked me where to find the best pipes and smokeware. 

“OMG! So many!” was my response. 

As I was typing out my answer via text message, I noticed that I had some incredible women-owned pipe and smokeware makers in my circle. 

Below, I’m sharing with you what I shared with my friend; where you can find the best pipes and smokeware from woman-owned companies, online. I’m a big fan of people supporting people, and an even bigger fan of women supporting women.

I am adding social media handles and websites, so you can easily follow and shop with these incredibly hardworking, self-employed women, who are the face of changing the cannabis industry as we know it.

These makers are normalizing the cannabis space and creating lifestyle products that change the conversation and open the doorway to enter and enjoy this plant.

These women are inspiring other women to open up about their cannabis use, speaking freely and letting go of the shame that is sometimes attached to cannabis use.

Without further ado, and just in time for the holiday season, here are my picks for the best pipes and smokeware sets- all sourced from my favorite women-run companies.

 *These are listed in no particular order other than how they came to my mind as I typed my response. Haha!

Stonedware Company

First up, my friend Ariel from Stonedware and Co makes geopipes with the largest chambers. It’s the perfect piece for those nights you either want to get ripped or pass a bowl for hours. 

Stonedware’s geopipes come in three different sizes; small, medium, and large, each offering a completely different experience. 

To top it off, Ariel is a total badass and makes every single pipe by hand, ensuring the entire inside chamber is sealed and that it fits perfectly in your hand every time.

Stonedware also created what every cannabis user needs – a pipe poker, perfect for cleaning out your piece.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to have something a little more elevated than my go-to pen cap, match, or bobby pin.

I met Ariel at a tradeshow, where we smoked a joint and went to dinner together. I later flew to Portland to visit her studio, and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Laundry Day

When it comes to women-owned pipes and smokeware, no list is complete without Laundry Day Co

I am a huge fan of the Hudson Pipe. It’s a dainty glass pipe that leaves me feeling ultra fem every hit. I love the weight of the glass in my hand, how it holds the perfect amount of weed, and the excitement I feel as I watch the glass fill with smoke in the most beautiful way. 

Victoria was recently interviewed, and shared the inspiration for launching Laundry Day Co, “I no longer wanted to feel ashamed of my cannabis use or my pipe. I wanted to be able to display my pieces on my coffee table and treat them with the same level of aesthetic detail as I would my wardrobe or my decor. I wanted to treat my pain with pride. So, I launched Laundry Day to help others who might have felt they too were unable to reap the benefits of cannabis.”

Victoria is an incredible designer based in Canada whom I met after she invited me to participate in a press and media event she was hosting in NYC. We’ve shared with each other our struggles as small business owners and supported each other exchanging design files for feedback. 

Yew Yew

If you’re looking for a good laugh, take a deep dive into YewYew’s Instagram and then go grab one of her half moon pipes. I love the bowl and chamber size.

It’s the perfect size for on the go. I have the half moon in lemon and she continues to be a go-to.

Jenny is also a total badass and multi-talented woman. Not only does she make ceramic pipes, prop style on the side for major brands, she co-founded a woman’s surf club on Rockaway beach. Club 98 made its public debut in their Outdoor Voices Recreationlist feature.

Jenny and I have been meeting up at The Wing in Soho to co-work and it’s been a total game changer for my productivity. 

Miwak Junior

Miwak Junior is a new favorite! I really like the way Miwak fits in my hand (are you seeing what’s important to me when considering a pipe?) and it’s the perfect size to easily pass. I like the frame of the chamber and the way it hits- nice and smooth.

Miwak recently partnered with another female brand to launch a terpene pipe wash. I recently washed a few of my pipes and it worked like a charm. Bye bye harsh chemicals, like rubbing alcohol.

My last woman-owned pipes and smokeware recommendation is everything on Elevate Jane

Founder Angela works with artists to create her own designs and carries pipes from many other incredible ceramicists and glass artists. She has everything and anything you could ever want  in a pipe.

I own the Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe that comes with a screen to stop any bud from passing through. It smokes really nice and is always a conversation starter.

This year, I hosted a Women in Weed Wake-and-Bake in LA, where Anglea introduced us to her new glass joint holders. I just ordered one and am so excited for it to arrive!

Luckily enough for us babes who imbibe, smoking paraphernalia has come a long way from the brightly colored, Bob Marley bong you’d find in a frat house, to something you’d proudly display on your coffee table next to this month’s Vogue.

These amazing, hard-working women are taking the cannabis industry by storm, and I’m proud to be in the same industry as they are, working to normalize cannabis and create a tight-knit community of women who smoke weed.  

Do you own a beautiful piece of smoking paraphernalia from a female-owned company, that I just have to check out? Tell us about your piece below!

This article is intended for readers aged 21 or older. Any products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The writer is not a medical professional, and her experience is based on personal use only. The legality of cannabis products varies by state, and readers are encouraged to check their local laws before purchasing and using cannabis products. Rosebud CBD does not promote, condone or advocate licit or illicit drug use. Nothing in this article should be construed as advice regarding the legal status of cannabis products.

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