Rosebud’s November Playlist

November is a time to pause, and reflect on all the things that we’re thankful for—this month, we’re showing our gratitude for icons like Elton John, Van Morrison, Carole King, and all of the classics with Rosebud’s November Playlist.

Much like the artists featured, this playlist certainly has range. Rosebud’s November playlist is designed to keep the good vibes going. These classics are something that everyone can agree on, including your parents and grandparents—even your cousin who seems to only listen to indie bands that nobody has ever heard of. 

With a little help from Al Green, Otis Redding, and Fleetwood Mac, we’ve captured every Fall mood.

The Lazy Sunday

To set the scene, it’s Sunday morning—you’re cleaning the kitchen in nothing but socks and underwear, and I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin comes on. Suddenly, you have no other option than to grab a makeshift broom-microphone, and give the home performance of a lifetime.

Encore, you say? Hit play on A Natural Woman by Aretha and apologize to your neighbors later—or don’t.

The Dinner Party

Whether it’s friendsgiving or just a good old fashioned dinner party, we’ve got you covered with all the right tunes to set the mood.

Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac is always a crowd pleaser! However, to set the ultimate candle-lit dinner mood, we highly recommend Harvest Moon by Neil Young, or Sweet Thing by Van Morrison.

Don’t forget to check out some of our DIY recipes for dessert! We’re nearing the end of pumpkin season, so be sure to test out our CBD Pumpkin Cookies recipe before it’s too late.

Afternoon Moving & Grooving

Both at work, and in everyday life, we’re constantly stimulated. Stimulation can be as subtle as glancing at a subway advertisement, to hearing a radio commercial, or it can mean navigating the stress of an overflowing inbox and overwhelming to-do list.

Before the streets are filled with snow and slush, it’s important to step away from your email, get outside, and move your body. This can be a quick walk around the block, a stroll through the park, or heading over to your favorite coffee shop for an afternoon caffeine jolt. 

We recommend tuning out of work, and tuning in to Country Road by James Taylor to give your mind a break. We also suggest Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles—let’s just say, the song lives up to its title.

If you enjoyed this month’s playlist and want to jam with us some more, be sure to check out some of our other curated playlists—and keep an eye out for December’s mix!

Kat Frey is a Brooklyn based writer, who originally hails from The Wing. Kat has historically worked with women-lead brands, and her writing spans from culture and cannabis, to overall health and wellness. When she’s not busy writing for Rosebud CBD, she spends her time thumbing through The Cut, Man Repeller, and T Magazine, or listening to Las Culturistas. Her favorite form of self care is adding our 350mg tincture to homemade face and hair masks!

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