Rosebud August Playlist: New Routines

We’ve all had quite the rollercoaster this summer due to COVID-19 and our team is craving some fresh new routines to help them feel inspired and in control. Not only can new routines spark creativity, they also help balance us mentally and physically. So for this month’s playlist we decided to pull together a mix that inspires just that. Think upbeat, fresh songs that will put you in the mood to get sh*t done. 

Now to clarify, new routines don’t have to be an overhaul of the old nor do they have to mean every minute is booked up. If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it’s that slowing down and taking time for yourself should be just as much of a priority as work, laundry, etc.

Back in January our founder kicked off the new year with some new habits and we’ll be linking the blog here to help you get inspired. Now, queue up this month’s playlist, grab a pen and paper, & jot down some new habits and routines you can implement to help bring some freshness to your life.

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