February Playlist: Rosebud x FallForVee, All You Need Is Love

Music has always played a big role in the Rosebud brand, and our team has loved curating and sharing with you our monthly playlists. But in true “new year, new us” fashion, we decided in 2020, we wanted to try something different when it comes to our monthly playlists by inviting interesting and influential women to guest curate some of their favorite and most impactful songs for us. 

We’re kicking off our first playlist collaboration for February with Vee from @fallforvee – a platform where Vee shares openly with her followers on Instagram about what life is like living with a disability, while still pursuing your passions. 

Vee is also an incredible cannabis photographer, translator, wedding photographer, co-owner of a cannabis collective, as well as a floral and event designer… just to name a few. 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day but more importantly, love, we asked Vee to curate a playlist with the theme “all you need is love” in mind. 

“Living with chronic illness means your moods fluctuate like the weather and so does your taste in music. From R&B, to indie and pop, these songs remind me of both happy moments, and more difficult ones -of growing as an artist with “October Skies” and “Shipwreck”, of friendships coming and going with “All My Friends”, “Lost in Transition” and “Chasing Parties”, and of loving with all my heart with “Rendezvous”, “That’s Why I Love You” and “Get You.” – Vee

We applaud your strength Vee and are so inspired by your self-love! 

We asked Vee some questions so you could get to know her better, if you haven’t already, queue up her playlist and read on to learn more about her.

Rosebud February Playlist: Rosebud x FallForVee, All You Need Is Love

Vee, we’d love to know when your relationship with Cannabis and CBD first began.

I think my relationship with CBD really began about 3 years ago. It took awhile for me to really look into the benefits of CBD because as a new consumer (I had never consumed cannabis in my teen years or adult life), I felt that the “high” or the euphoria that THC gave me was enough to ease my pain. As my tolerance went up, it then became difficult to maintain pain-free days with doses of THC only: that’s when I really fell in love with CBD. And it’s been a part of my daily routine ever since.

How has your relationship with cannabis changed over time?

I really think that when I started consuming cannabis, I was extremely uneducated and that led to poor choices in judgement. I was really looking to ease my pain, but also while looking for high THC strains that would numb everything. Over time, I researched cannabinoids and terpenes and can now make educated choices when it comes to my medicine. 

I also believe this female plant is so intrinsically related to my self-acceptance and my self-love. Because without my medicine, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love when I want to, I wouldn’t be able to create or get through the day, so my relationship with cannabis has really evolved into something beautiful and empowering.

You have some other businesses besides your personal brand, tell us more about those:

Of course! I actually am a wedding photographer with my love Sean and we have been doing that for the last 4 years together. It’s truly a passion of mine to photograph love and to invite connection and real emotion into our work. Sean and I also co-own @highloveclub, a cannabis collective for artists offering creative services to cannabis brands! I also recently started doing floral arrangements for events and weddings and it has brought out something in me I never knew I had and I’ve really found my medium as an artist with florals. Pssst… you can view my work @maisonblancheweddings and @wildandvow

What’s your best piece of advice for managing multiple hustles?

Taking it day by day and being patient and compassionate with yourself, especially if you are living with a chronic illness or are a person with disabilities. I can’t do everything (even though I try), but there are days when I really can’t do anything and accepting that is often difficult as a business owner. I’ve also found that working with clients who are understanding is key! 

Image courtesy of FallForVee

We asked you to create a playlist inspired by love… tell us about why you chose some of the songs on the playlist:

There are many songs dedicated to the process of learning to love myself with limitations, which has been both eye-opening and challenging given my disability. But thanks to songs like “Good as Hell”, “God is a Woman” and “Body Sun”, I get reminded that my body, even though sick, is a temple and has carried me through good and bad.

Do you have a favorite song on the playlist?

Probably Redbone – I have such a deep connection to the melody and I also have some of the words tattooed on me. I was really at a low point when this album came out and it helped me through dark times. It will probably be Sean and I’s first dance song at our wedding (I still have to convince him I think… hehe).

What are some things you picture yourself doing while listening to this mix?

Medicating, working on a photoshoot, taking my morning coffee with a joint and processing flowers.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Hmmm… Killing Me Softly by Fugees? A classic.

Favorite song to let loose to:

Truth Hurts by Lizzo

How do you take your coffee:

I either make my Aeropress at home with freshly ground beans or get an oat milk cappuccino from our local coffee shop when I’m out and about.

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely an early bird. I love going to sleep just to wake up in the morning and have that quiet time to myself.

Favorite way to consume cannabis:

Joints, cannabis tinctures or soaking in a bath full of CBD or cannabis oil.

What’s your favorite way to indulge in self-care?

I would say reading, although I haven’t done much of it in the last two years. Reading lets me escape and I used to read so much as a young adult that when I do have the time and energy now, I really cherish those moments.

Favorite way to spend a day:

Waking up with a good coffee (and cannabis) and going to the beach with our doggo Hazel, just adventuring on our beautiful island and creating with my love, Sean. Then snuggling to a good Netflix movie or TV show and ending the night with a home-cooked meal and many joints and dabs. 

Love comes in many forms and we encourage you to explore the ones that mean the most to you this month. Queue Vee’s playlist and take some time to share the love -with your friends, your family, that special someone, and especially yourself.

We’re looking forward to rolling out some more rad playlists this year, make sure to follow Rosebud CBD on Spotify for access to all of our past & future playlists!

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