What is CBD?

Simply Googling “what is CBD?” will turn up thousands of articles and blog posts on this trendy new compound; enough to make your eyes glaze over. Thanks to the recently passed Farm Bill, CBD is being used literally everywhere right now.

But beyond CBD’s cool-girl façade, there’s still a lot that most of us don’t know about this trendy plant. So, the Rosebud team has compiled all the CBD-must-knows, to help our customers make sense of it all.

The cannabis sativa plant (also known as the marijuana or hemp plant) grows naturally in nature, and produces over 100 chemical compounds, called cannabinoids. 

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of these 100+ cannabinoids, and is actually none of the more abundant compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plant. 

For years, CBD was neglected while recreational users, medical users and scientists focused on THC- the chemical responsible for making you feel high or stoned.. Though both THC and CBD have therapeutic effects, CBD offers similar benefits- without the intoxicating effects, so you can add CBD to your everyday routine without experiencing a high. 

CBD oil is typically mixed with an inert carrier oil, such as MCT (coconut) oil. This bottled oil is called a tincture, and is sold in various concentrations

Cannabis-derived medicine has been traditionally used across many cultures for centuries. Today, CBD is used to support the mind and body in a myriad of ways. 

Who Can Take CBD Oil?

CBD hasn’t yet been rigorously studied with humans, but preclinical and clinical studies suggest that CBD has “broad therapeutic value” and can be well-tolerated by, well, pretty much everyone. 

Since the typical results of taking CBD are feeling calm, lessened muscle soreness, and healthier sleep cycles, anyone looking for relief in these areas can greatly benefit from taking CBD.

And don’t forget about the furry members of your family; CBD can do wonders for dogs too!

Can CBD Really Do All That?

Despite all of the fanfare surrounding CBD, scientists are still in the very early stages of studying it at a clinical level. 

This doesn’t mean CBD won’t live up to the hype- it just means that a little more clinical research needs to be done to make those arguments fool-proof. 

Today, even those in the medical field are starting to appreciate the value that CBD can bring to the table, especially when it comes to a patient’s health and wellness.

“Although we are certainly in need of more studies… as physicians, we prioritize helping our patients if the evidence is encouraging, and the risk is minimal. CBD oil offers a great option for many people,” Dr. Rachel Nazarian, M.D. tells Bustle

*If you’re experiencing feeling of depression or considering suicide, we urge you to call a hotline or seek professional support.

What Are the Risks of CBD Oil?

The good news is that most of the official research done on CBD oil has shown that there are very few negative side effects. 

However, CBD- like any other dietary supplement- is not without a few occasional side effects. 

There are also potential drug interactions that can occur when also taking CBD- you can read more about that here!

Is All CBD Oil Made the Same?

It’s the Wild West out there, folks. All CBD is not the same. 

Without federal regulation, consumers have very little way of knowing what they’re getting when they purchase CBD oil- aside from checking the labels themselves. 

Even then, a recent study that found that about 26% of all CBD products tested and sold on the market contain less CBD than their labels claimed. This means that the amount of CBD you need for an effective dose could vary drastically, not just from product to product, but from bottle to bottle of the same product.

“What about third party lab reports?” you may ask. Great question.  

Rosebud CBD believes in total transparency, and we truly care about what our customers are putting in their bodies. At Rosebud CBD, we go the extra mile to do our own testing to ensure that our customers are getting the safest, most reliable product possible. 
As a customer, you can go to the bottom section of our website to see the latest, greatest third-party batch reports, readily available to ensure peace of mind, and trust in our brand. We test for cannabinoid and terpene content, heavy metals, pesticides and solvents, and mold and bacteria.

Quality Counts

When it comes to CBD oil, we believe that quality matters- from seed to shelf. 

We’ve partnered with a small farm in sunny Oregon, who puts lots of thought and mindful care into every stage of the plant. We have a meaningful relationship with the farm, and they truly understand how hard they work to bring organic sun-grown hemp to the CBD market.

Not a thing is sprayed on our plants; no fillers, additives, flavorings, preservatives or sweeteners. Rosebud is free of mold and bacteria, pesticides and solvents, and heavy metals. 

From seed to bottle, Rosebud CBD is grown, extracted and bottled at the same facility by the same people.

Whether you prefer to take CBD oil sublingually, use a CBD bath soak after a stressful day, or indulge in a CBD dark chocolate – we have the perfect product to add to your health and wellness toolkit. 

And if you’re interested in learning more about CBD, head over to The Bloom.

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  1. Hello – I am interested in learning more about CBD and its positive effects on joint pain.

  2. With degenerative discs in my neck and lower back, I have chronic pain (especially in neck and shoulders). Your company has come highly recommended by professional athletes. What dosage should one start in my situation (currently taking 2 blood pressure meds and multiple supplements – weight 120 lbs) and how often are the dosages required to be increased? What does this do to the costs? I know each individual has different results, but just generally speaking – what are your thoughts, recommendations and credentials?

  3. Hi! Thanks for inquiring and for your questions. Unfortunately, we can not legally offer medical advice or guidance. It is suggested to speak to a medical professional familiar with cannabis to help better understand your usage along with additional medications. There is no one size all approach to dosing or standardization to increasing or decreasing your dose size. CBD dosing and cannabis in general is a very personal experience and requires experimentation.

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