Rosebud Q&A: My Thai and Lilly Cabral of Calivolve

Who among us doesn’t love a good chocolate bar?

If you haven’t yet heard, Rosebud and Calivolve have collaborated on a beautiful, vegan dark chocolate CBD bar- and we can’t stop talking about it! 

Both teams of Rosebud CBD and Calivolve have been working diligently on this project for several months now, and there’s a delicious product as living proof!

This vegan, dark chocolate CBD is the culmination of the synergy, respect and passion that both female-founded companies have for each other that made this launch such a wild success.

This girl-gang remembers their initial meeting fondly; Alexis recalls how she was coming off of a really emotional time in her personal life, and was struggling a bit at the event. Across the room, My Thai and Lilly Cabral- the women behind Calivolve- had made a list of people they wanted to meet at the event, and Alexis was set firmly in their sights. 

There was an immediate connection.

In their recent IG live, Alexis says, “I remember thinking ‘Wow these women could be like, serious friends.’”

My and Lilly jumped in: “We know the power of having a good connection, it was so organic how we met… At the end of the day, we all have each other’s best interests at heart, and want each other to succeed!”

To celebrate the launch of this exciting collaboration, we sat down with with My Thai and Lilly Cabral to pick their brains about who they are, and what their goals are for Calivolve. 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds?

A: My Thai and I (Lilly) are both from Southern California. My parents immigrated from Mexico, met here in LA and raised me and my 3 siblings near East LA. My parents raised us very close to our cultural traditions and I consider myself fortunate to be bicultural and bilingual. 

My Thai is Asian American, born in Vietnam, was a refugee called the “boat people” and then was sponsored to the US. She’s been a native Angeleno for over 30 years.

I have a very close knit family.  We always related to each other’s close knit family ties. Then when we thought about launching Calivolve, we both knew that we were evolving, even just thinking about being in the cannabis industry would’ve been outrageous, especially with our backgrounds. 

Calivolve was our calling to be creative and passionate, to launch a company to reach and educate women who wanted to know more about cannabis and how to use it openly and confidently. We were evolving, the industry is evolving, Cali”volve”. That’s where the name came from.

Q: There’s nothing we love more than women working together to create something beautiful. How did you ladies meet and why did you start Calivolve?

A: We met over 15 years ago when we worked in the finance industry, which let’s face it, is so bro’d out, there weren’t many female colleagues around. We respected each other’s talent and became friends. 

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Q: What prompted your journey into the cannabis space? 

A: We learned we had the same career goal – to be more creative. And nothing is more creative than cannabis. 

Immediately, we knew there was a huge hole for consumers like us – we’re new to cannabis, but we’re confident about being here and we still want it to look cute. Where are the products that match our lifestyle? We feel we are pioneering what the cannabis industry will look like for our target consumer and it’s a fun creative challenge.

Q: We totally understand loving chocolate, but why did you start a chocolate company?

A: We love food. When we’re together, we’re always planning on where we’re eating next. An edible is what made sense for a new consumer not interested in smoking, vaping, dabbing, etc. Chocolate was a no brainer as far as what type of edible. Am I right? I mean have you tried the Rosebud CBD collab chocolate bar with Calivolve

Q: What are your future plans for Calivolve? 

A: We’ve been self-funded since inception and feel we’ve done pretty well. We feel we have a proven concept, and are ready to start fundraising. It’s an exciting time for us.

Q: As female business owners in the CBD space, what do you feel has been your biggest challenge?

A: Challenges, there have been many. There are many more yet to come, no doubt. But we’re well prepared, and more than anything, fearless in our ambition to keep learning and growing.

Q: Besides CBD and chocolate, what are some other passions of yours?

A: We’re both fitness/wellness lovers, so a daily workout is essential. If we skip too many days, one or both of us gets too cranky. Design is also a big passion. I’m currently remodeling my house and I live for Pinterest.

Q: Is there a piece of advice that you would give to women who are trying to get into, or are already involved in, the cannabis space?

A: Be passionate about your business goals.  Ignore negative people and don’t give-up especially if you feel passionate about it. Surround yourself with positive supportive people.

“I unfortunately feel like I’ve now ruined typical chocolate because I don’t want to go back… CBD chocolate forever, please!”

verified Rosebud CBD customer

Rosebud x Calivolve CBD Dark Chocolate Bars are handcrafted, vegan, full-spectrum, and come in beautiful packaging that captures both brand’s strong feminine energy. 

To get a piece of the Calivolve x Rosebud CBD action, head over to grab your own CBD chocolate bar now! 

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